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Master Tig 200/250AC Welding Pedal Technique for manual pulse

Master Tig 200/250AC Welding Pedal Technique for manual pulse
Issue Time:2016-07-20

Foot brake make it convenient drive when you are driving .By the same way, when we operate welding

 with two hands,Foot pedal control current is also very convenient.

So after watching a youtube video of a guy was welding car parts using a foot pedal several years ago,

 I thought I might learn something if I gave it a shot.

Quick Tips from the video

· use a very short tungsten stickout

· set amps to one amp per thousandths plus 10%

· use 1/16" (1.6mm) filler

· prop the cup directly on the joint

· press pedal to floor,

· add filler, release pedal about 3/4, move torch ahead


amperage for manual pulse TIG welding

First, if you are going to pulse using the foot pedal, you need to set the amperage right.

For carbon steel, you can start with the"one amp per one thousands of an inch rule"or ( 40 amps

 per one mm).

But on some joints (especially on thicknesses above .100" or 2.3mm), it helps to add about 10 percent

 to that.

So I set my amperage to 150 -160 for the .140" wall thickness pipe when I was welding

filler rod type and size

The pipe being welded is standard schedule 40 carbon steel pipe.

er70s2 is the cheapest and best all around filler for carbon steels.

Sometimes, when you are welding something that will be fully penetrated, er70s6 works better.

why pulse?

I will go deeper into tig welding pulse settings in future videos but for now, let me just say that pulsing

 makes a little bit of difference.

but only a little.

The reason I say that is because I was lucky enough to work for a company that upgraded from Miller

 Syncrowave 250 tig welders to Miller dynasty 200 dx units.

The quality of work did not skyrocket.

Here is what happened...

The welders who were already above average, improved a bit more using the pulse settings offered on

 the Dynasty welders...especially for tig welding on very thin edges.

Those who were only average welders, remained the same....pulse or no pulse.

So while I personally find some advantages of pulse tig, I am quick to admit there is hardly anything

 that can be welded using pulse, that cant also be welded without pulse.

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