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Tungsten profile has a substantial effect on bead shape, width, penetration

Tungsten profile has a substantial effect on bead shape, width, penetration
Issue Time:2016-07-26

" sideways scratches on your tungsten will cause dogs and cats to sleep together."

" sideways scratches on your tungsten will also cause pandemonium and the end of the world as we know it."

so pay attention to the way you grind your tungsten. You have probably read that Tungsten electrodes should only be ground longitudinally, not sideways or the world will come to an end and dogs and cats will start sleeping together.

Take it from someone who has been TIG welding for over 30 years and has sharpened electrodes every way imaginable including using a cutting torch.That’s right I said cutting torch.

It does matter how you grind tungsten electrodes. There is a big difference between a tungsten electrode ground sideways on a 36 grit stone to one ground properly on a fine diamond wheel.

But there is not much difference between a tungsten ground sideways on a fine wheel and one that has been ground longitudinally on the same wheel… Unless you are welding razor blades or at extremely low amperages. or doing automatic low amperage orbital welding.

A lot of people will argue this point with me. I dont care. I cant make myself say that tungsten grinders make a lot of difference when I dont really believe it.

Its splitting hairs over something that makes so little difference.

If I am welding really thin stuff, I like sharp electrodes. Really sharp ones.

I want them to draw blood easily.

But if you want penetration on the thicker steel , it’s good to have a little less taper with a little flat spot ground on the tip.


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