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What is the Synergic ?

What is the Synergic ?
Issue Time:2016-08-10
With the continuous progress of science and technology,Most industrial mechanization industry also tends to one-button operation.For example, the welding industry.
Early welding operation, each of the parameters require manual configuration adjustments.A waste of time and a waste of labor, the effect may not be satisfactory welding.
Now, a synergic settings can easily configure the appropriate parameters.
The synergic operation of the machine make it easy to use ,even for the begining welder.One knob control permits the welder to select the wire feed speed,and then the voltage value automatically follows.

Currently ,there are many such welding products on the market.Most products have some problems,Such as setting parameters types of complex,expensive, does not apply to most small and medium users use.

There are two products from Topwell,ALUMIG250P/300P and MIG350HD/500HD.It can select the base materials and shield gas 

MAG(CO2)for Carbon steels/MAG(CO2/Ar) for Carbon steels/MIG (Argon) for Stainless steels.
Affordable price, suitable for most industrial and daily operations.


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