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Hands in tig welding operation

Hands in tig welding operation
Issue Time:2016-08-12
When you are learning to tig weld or just trying to be a better tig welder, The last thing to come up to speed is the hand that feeds the rod. We all learned how to hold a big crayon in kindergarten and holding a big crayon is not too different from holding a tig torch….so we’ve got that going for us.
But the other hand? the hand that feeds the filler rod... It’s a bit of a slow learner.

A really thin glove helps. If you have problems feeling the wire with a glove, Try some mechanics gloves or really soft and thin tig gloves like Topwell BL-1005 skin tig gloves or even some woven cotton gloves... Whatever it takes.

The problem with mechanics gloves is that you can’t get them off quick enough if your hand heats up.


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