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Rated Input Voltage3PH ~ 400V ±15%
MAX.Load Power Capacity15.26KVA
Rated Output350A/31.5V
Max Open Circuit Voltage70V~80V
Wire-feed Mechanism4 Rollers
Wire Feed Speed Range0~25m/min
Warranty1 year warranty
Unit PriceUS $ 2 / piece
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Update Time2019-09-18
Detail Information

    Quick Specs
    Industrial Application:
    Metal fabrication workshops
    Shipyards and offshore industry
    Chemical and process industry
    Shipyards and offshore industry
    Steel structure workshops
    MIG (GMAW-P) Pulsed
    Stick (SMAW)
    Input Power:350CP: 400V, 3-Phase
    500CP: 400V, 3-Phase
    Amperage Range:350CP: 10-350A/500CP: 10-500A
    Rated Output at 40℃ (104℉):
    3 50CP: 350A at 31.5V @60% Duty Cycle
    500CP: 500A at 39V @60% Duty Cycle

    The advantage of Wave-form Control System

    The latest technology of Waveform Control System with pulsed MIG control mode, can perfectly control the output of
    welding power and get the precision Arc performance. The wire melting droplet transfer cycle is very clear, the welding
    beam is very clean and very few spatters during welding.

    Pulse MIG

    Pulsed MIG varies weld current between peak (high heat) and background (lowheat) current to provide better control of
    heat input, which minimizes warping and burnthrough on thin materials. Pulsed MIG also enables flat,horizontal, vertical
    up, or overhead welding without a slag system.Optimized GMAW-P waveforms are readily available to use on aluminum,
    carbon steel,high strength low alloy steel, stainless steel,and nickel alloys. See NX-2.70


    Pulse MIG precisely controls heat input through the
    1-drop-per-pulsetransfer and offers a stable arc in the
    wide transfer area between short and spray arc.
    Spray arc transfer “sprays” a stream of tiny molten
    droplets across the arc, from the electrode wire to the
    base metal.It produces a characteristic humming
    or buzzing sound.

    Advantages of pulse mig:
    • High deposition
    • Good fusion and penetration
    • Good bead appearance
    • Capability of using larger diameter wires
    • Presence of very little spatter

    General View of Control Panel

    1.SELECT the Memory channel
    2.OPEN the parameter of selected memory channel
    3.STORE the setting to Memory channel
    4. Push to Check Gas
    5.STORE Push to use Synergic Setting
    6.Welding parameter setting,rotary dial
    Adjudtment of the welding current or feeding speed.
    7.Torch Holding Mode
    Push to select the torch handing type:

    3)S4:for aluminiu welding form cold to hot situation.
    8.Welding Process Push to select:
    Welding prcess:MMA,MIG/MAG/CO2,Pulse MIG,
    Double Pulse MIG.
    9.Dia. of Welding Wire
    10.Wire Type
    11.button,throttling effect(arc dynamics)
    12.Function Sequence
    13.Welding Settings

    Synergic MIG

    Synergic pulsed welding mode offers the simplicity of
    single-knob control.The machine will select the correct pulse
    power based on the wire feed speed (WFS) set by the operator.

    S4T Mode

    Begin and end welds with ease and confidence.Hot start
    eliminates incomplete fusion at the beginning of a weld,
    a common issue with aluminum welding.Crater gradually
    decreases weld current at the end of a weld to eliminate
    crater defects.Adjustable pre- and post-flow rates ensure
    that the puddle always has adequate gas coverage.



    Technical specifications


    Rated Input Voltage3PH ~ 400V ±15%3PH ~ 400V ±15%
    Max. Load Power Capacity15.26KVA26.99KVA
    Rated Duty Cycle(40oC) 60%MIG: 350A/31.5VMIG: 500A/39V
     MMA: 350A/34VMMA: 500A/40V
    100%MIG: 300A/29VMIG: 350A/31.5V
    Welding Current/Voltage RangeMIG: 10A/14.5V~350A/31.5VMIG: 10A/14.5V~500A/39V
    Open Circuit Voltage70V~80V70V~80V
    Power Factor0.850.85
    Pre-Gas Time0-15S0-15S
    Flow-Gas Time0-15S0-15S
    Wire-feed Mechanism4 Rollers4 Rollers
    Wire-feed Speed Range0~25m/min0~25m/min
    Wire Spool Capacity300mm (5kg)300mm (5kg)
    Filler Wires Ø (mm) Fe, Ss:0.6~1.6 mm0.6~1.6 mm
    FLUX CORED:0.8~2.0 mm0.8~1.6 mm
    Al:1.0~2.4 mm1.0~1.6 mm


    For Standard accessories
    For Optional accessories


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