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professional aluminum 4 in 1ac/dc/ mix TIG+MMA arc STC-205AC/DC

professional aluminum 4 in 1ac/dc/ mix TIG+MMA arc STC-205AC/DC

professional aluminum 4 in 1ac/dc/ mix TIG+MMA arc STC-205AC/DC
professional aluminum 4 in 1ac/dc/ mix TIG+MMA arc STC-205AC/DCprofessional aluminum 4 in 1ac/dc/ mix TIG+MMA arc STC-205AC/DCprofessional aluminum 4 in 1ac/dc/ mix TIG+MMA arc STC-205AC/DCprofessional aluminum 4 in 1ac/dc/ mix TIG+MMA arc STC-205AC/DCprofessional aluminum 4 in 1ac/dc/ mix TIG+MMA arc STC-205AC/DC
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Rated Input Voltage1PH ~110V/ 230V ±15%
Rated Output200A/18V
Max Open Circuit Voltage5.63KVA
Warranty1 year warranty
Unit PriceUS $ 20 / piece
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Update Time2019-08-19
Detail Information

    Quick Specs
    Metal fabrication workshops
    Shipyards and offshore industry
    Chemical and process industry
    Mechanized welding
    Car body repairs and maintenance
    Plasma Cutting
    Stick (SMAW)
    Input Power: 230V or 115/230V, 1-Phase
    Amperage Range:TIG:5A-205A;
    PAC: 20A-50A; MMA: 10A-160A;
    Rated Output at 40℃ (104℉):
    TIG: 200A at 18V @60% Duty Cycle
    PAC: 50A at 100V @60% Duty Cycle
    MMA: 160A at 26.4V @60% Duty Cyc

    General View of Control Panel


    1.Welding Process
       In a cycle time that mixed with EN/EP output
      (AC TIG) and EN output (DC TIG).
    2.Electrode Dia. selection
    3.Spot Welding Mode
    4.DC +/DC-
       converter output arc-starting of
       AC TIG process

    5.AC Wave Type
       Advanced Squarewave
       Triangular Wave
    7.AC Wave Control System:
       AC Frequency Control
       AC Balance Control
      Independent AC Amperage Control

    General View of Control Panel(Continued)


    1.Gas pre-flow time(TIG)
       Absolute setting range 0.1s to 5.0s (0.1s increments).
    2.Ignition current(TIG)
       Percentage of the main current.
       Setting range 1% to 100%(1% increments).
    3.Up-slope time(TIG)
       Setting ranges:0.00s to 20.0s(0.1s increments).
       The up-slope time can be set separately
       for non-latched and latched.
    4.Main current(TIG)/pulse cuttent
      I min to max(1 A increments)
      Main cuttent(MMA)
      I min to I max(1 A increments)
    5.Pulse time
       Pulse time setting range:0.01s to 9.99s(0.01s increments)
       TIG pulses
       The pulse time applies to
       the main cuttent phase(AMP) for pulses.
       TIG AC Special
       The pulse time applies to the AC phase for AC special.

    6.Pulse break time
       Pulse break setting range:0.01s to 9.99s
       (0.01s increments).
       TIG pulses
       The pulse break time applies to the secondary
       current phase(AMP%).
       TIG AC Special
       The pulse time applies to the AC phase for AC special.
    7.Secondary current(TIG)/pulse pulse pause current
       Setting range 1% to 100% (1% increments).
       Percentage of the main current.
    8.Down-slope time(TIG)
      0.00s to 20.0s (0.1s increments).
      The down-slope time can be set separately
       for non-latched and latched.
    9.End-crater current(TIG)
       Setting range 1% to 100%(1% increments).
       Percentage of the main current.
    10.Gas post-flow time(TIG)
       Setting ranges:0.1s to 20.0s(0.1s increments).

    MIX TIG Control

    Features of MIX TIG:

    The AC current can get a very good clearance, and
    DC current can get a deeper penetration. Use the
    MIX TIG we can get an excellent Arc Concentration,
    can be carried out the excellent welding performance
    from thin to thick plate.
    1) Nice weld appearance, deep penetration.
    2) Excellet Arc Concentration..
    3) Substantially reduce the electrode consumption.


    MIX TIG Frequency (Hz):

    the cycle time of MIX
    TIG in 1 second. Adjustable range: 0.1-10Hz.


    MIX TIG Balance (DC) %:

    DC Balance (%) = (tad/Tmix) x 100


    MIX TIG Frequency (Hz):


    AC Frequency control Controls the
    width of theControls the width of the
    arc cone.Increasing the AC Frequency
    provides a more focused arc with
    increased directional control.

    Note: Decreasing the AC Frequency
    softens the arc and broadens the
    weld puddle for a wider weld bead.



    AC Balance Control
    Controls arc cleaning action.
    Adjusting the % EN of the AC wave
    controls the width of the etching
    zone surrounding the weld.

    Note: Set the AC Balance control
    for adequate arc cleaning action
    at the sides and in front of the weld
    puddle. AC Balance should be fine
    tuned according to how heavy or
    thick th eoxides are.



    Independent AC Amperage Control
    Allows the EN and EP amperage
    values to beset independently.
    Adjusts the ratio of EN to EP
    amperage to precisely control heat
    EN amperage controls the level of
    penetration, while EP amperage
    dramatically effects the arc cleaning
    action along with the AC Balance


    DC TIG-Pulse

    High Speed DC TIG-Pulse Controls
    • PPS Pulses per second (Hz):DC = 0.1 – 5,000 PPS
    • % ON – % Peak Time:5 - 95% (Controls the amount of time during each pulse cycle at the PEAK amperage.)
    • Background Amps:5 – 99% (Sets the low-pulse amperage value as a % of the Peak Amps.)



    Typically from 1 to 10 PPS. Provides a heating and
    cooling effecton the weld puddle and can reduce
    distortion by lowering the average amperage. This
    heating and cooling effect also produces adistinct
    ripple pattern in the weld bead. The relationship
    between pulse frequency and travel speed determines
    the distance between the ripples. Slow pulsing can
    also be coordinated with filler metal addition and
    can increase overall control of the weld puddle.


    In excess of 40 PPS, Pulsed TIG becomes more
    audible than visible—causing increased puddle
    agitation for a better as-welded microstructure.

    Pulsing the weld current at high speeds — between
    a high Peak and a low Background amperage —
    can also constrict and focus the arc.This results in
    maximum arc stability, increased penetration and
    increased travel speeds(Common Range:100–500

    PPS).The Arc-Sharpening effects of high speed
    pulsing are expanded to new dimensions. The ability      
    to pulse at 5,000 PPS further enhances arc stability
    and concentration potential — which is are required.


    CUT-40Di-40MV-▏Plasma-Cutters_06 CUT-40Di-40MV-▏Plasma-Cutters_08  
    Big cutting power in a small package - the
    industry's most portable and powerful
    40-amp plasma cutter offers 10mm.
    mild steel cutting. The unit offers easy
    connection to 115V or 230V input with
    Auto-Line technology and MVP Adapters.
    Rated Cut @ Maximum Cut @ Sever Cut @
    0.50 m/min 0.25 m/min 0.12 m/min


    Technical specifications

    Item NoSTC-205AC/DC
    Rated Input Voltage1PH ~110V/ 230V ±15%
    Max. Load Power CapacityTIG: 5.63KVA
     MMA: 6.60KVA
     PAC: 8.20KVA
    Rated Duty Cycle(40℃) 60%TIG: 200A/18V
     MMA: 160A/26.4V
     PAC: 50A/105V
                                         100%TIG: 160A/16.4V
     MMA: 130A/25.2V
     PAC: 40A/100V
    Welding Current/Voltage RangeTIG: 5A/10.2V~200A/18V
     MMA: 10A/20.4V~160A/26.4V
     PAC: 20A/90A~50A/105V
    Open Circuit VoltageMMA:70V~80V
    Power Factor0.8
    TIGPulsePeak Current5A~200A
    Base Current5A~200A
    Pulse Frequency0.2Hz~200Hz
    Pulse Width (Ratio)1~100%
    AC TIGAC Frequency Range20Hz~250Hz
    AC Clean Width (AC Balance)+40~-40
    AC Clean Ratio (AC Bias) %+30~-50
    MIX TIGMIX Frequency:0.1Hz~5Hz
    DC Balance: (%)20-80
    Arc-starting Current5A~200A
    Crater-filling Current5A~200A
    Current Up-slope Time0.1S~15S
    Current Down-slop Time0.1S~15S
    Pre-Gas Time0.1S~15S
    Flow-Gas Time0.1S~15S
    Spot Arc Time0.1S~10S
    MMAArc Force10A~160A
    Hot Start Time10A~160A
    Hot Start Current0.1~3S
    PACRequired Air Pressure0.3~0.5MPa
    Gas Pro-flow/Retard Time1S~15S
    Quality Cutting Thickness(500mm/min)12mm
    Severance Cutting Thickness(125mm/min)22mm
    Dimension (LxWxH)410x190x305mm
    Weight (KG)25.7 KG


    For Standard accessories
    For Optional accessories


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