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AC Waveshape Controls

AC Waveshape Controls
Issue Time:2016-10-11

AC Waveshape Controls

  AC Frequency control

Wider bead, good penetration
ideal for buildup work
Narrower bead for fillet welds and
automated applications

Controls the width of the arc cone. Increasing the AC Frequency provides a more focused arc with increased directional control.
Note: Decreasing the AC Frequency softens the arc and broadens the weld puddle for a wider weld bead.


 AC Balance Control

Wider bead, good penetration
ideal for buildup work
Narrower bead, good penetration
ideal for buildup work

Controls arc cleaning action. Adjusting the % EN of the AC wave controls the width of the etching zone surrounding the weld.
Note: Set the AC Balance control for adequate arc cleaning action at the sides and in front of the weld puddle. AC Balance should be fine tuned according to how heavy or thick the oxides are.


  Amplitude Control

More current in EP than EN:
Shallower penetration
More current in EN than EP:
Deeper penetration and
faster travel speeds

Adjusts the ratio of EN to EP amperage to precisely control heat input to the work and the electrode. EN amperage controls the level of penetration, while EP amperage dramatically effects the arc cleaning action along with the AC Balance control.




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