Plasma Cutting from 1 to 120 mm

Hand-held or Mechanized, Plasma cutting or Gouging, by the Topwell high performance Plasma Cutting Equipment, to enable a wide range of metal cutting processes and applications.
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The High Speed HD Plasma Cutting System

• Better Cutting Quality

• Faster Cutting Speed

• Lower Gas Consumption

• Longer Consumables Lifetime


Plasma Cutting System Categories

High portable design, Heavy duty use. Ideal choice for hand cutting of any electrically conductive metals. Severance cut capacity from 29mm at 45A to 60mm at 130A.

Manual Air Plasma Cutters

Engineered for heavy-duty, high capacity automated applications. Combines fast cutting speeds and maximize productivity.

Mechanized Plasma Cutters

With Gas Console for O2/Air/N2/H35, High Definition Cutting, Maximized Productivity, Long-life Consumables Technology.

High Definition Plasma Cutting

Advanced, high precision CNC cutting machine for wide application in metal fabrication.

CNC Plasma Cutting Tables