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Orbital Pipe Welding Solutions

ProMIG-500SYN DPulse ST + Carriage

The ProMIG-500SYN DPulse ST system has TOPWELL unique HPC process(Hybrid Pulse Control). It mixes the paticularly short and forceful spay arc and delivers exceptional directional stability. It’s good for all position pipe welding solutions, also suitable for the Vertical-Up position.


Pressure Pipelines

ProTIG-500CT + Cold Wire Feeder + Carriage

This system is designed for heavy industrial . It is 500A@100% Duty Cycle. With the precise arc control, it delivers deep penetration and high-quality welding seams.


Pipe Profile Cutting

CNC Bevel Cutting By Topwell MAX300

HD MAX with dual gas system with Heavy-duty CNC, can profit any conceivable 3D-profile(pipes, hollow sections, HEA, HEB and IPE beams angle bar, T-bar)of high-definition high-speed cutting performance.