Multiple robot communication methods, Multiple application situation
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Multiple robot communication methods

  • Flexible selection of multiple communication
    Adapt to a variety of robot communication, achieve seamless integration with different brands of robots.
  • Robot communication modes
  • External communication box
    Dedicated communication box for fast and reliable transmission.
  • Long-distance welding

    Remote control box design

    Can remotely display and adjust the key parameters of welding without being limited by the cable. The length of the control cable is greater than 25m, suitable for long-distance welding work.

    Ultra-long cable loop compensation function

    Intelligent compensation makes welding more stable, especially suitable for oversized workpiece welding occasions.

    Accurate arc tracking feedback
    Arc tracking

    The welding machine parameters interact with the robot in real time with high frequency, which perfectly supports robot arc tracking, which is suitable for medium and thick plate robot welding.


    Fast communication speed with the robot, real-time detection signal , high repeatability of positioning, no need to recalibrate after a slight collision, can be immediately resumed for use.

    Intelligent welding monitoring management

    It can manage and collect welding production data in real time on demand, and realize detailed supervision and pre-control of the production process.

    Stable wire feeding system
    Robot welding power wire feeder

    The wire feeder is equipped with wire feeding, wire unwinding, gas detection button function. Code disc feedback & back EMF feedback switching to have precise feeding speed adjustment.

    Wire feed resistance display

    The welding machine panel can display the "wire feeding resistance coefficient", which conveniently reminds customers to check the poor wire feeding system so as not to affect the welding effect.

    Support robot push/pull torch

    In PushPull Systems, welder directly drive torch's motor, keep with wire feeder motor torque synchronization and speedsynchronization.

    Multiple welding process
    Cover all welding process
  • For robotic applications, TOPWELL has upgraded a range of machines, including: MIG welding, TIG welding, SAW welding and plasma cuting.
  • Robotic MIG Welding

    Robotic TIG Welding

    Robotic SAW Welding

    Robotic Plasma Cutting

    Multiple Robotic applications
    Robotic MIG Welding Solutions
  • TOPWELL uses professional welding machines to cooperate with industrial robots, provides cutting-edge innovative welding processes and stable wire feeding system, obtains perfect welding results with ultra-high droplet speed and precision, can achieve full-position welding. When robotic welding, you will achieve consistent, high-quality welding results, and maximize productivity for multiple industrial welding situations.
  • Options
  • PROMIG Series / PROWAVE Series / Steelmate Series
  • Robotic TIG Welding Solutions
  • In TIG robot welding, the unique MIX TIG process and precise waveform control of TOPWELL welders, communicate with stable robots, provide excellent welding quality and perfect weld appearance.
  • Options
  • PROTIG Series / MASTERTIG Series
  • Advanced Technologies
  • TOPWELL robotic MIG welders are equipped with a variety of advanced MIG processes, such as, HSP, HDP, HSA, HSA, etc., which is suitable for a variety of welding materials from thin to thick, bringing high-quality welding results in industrial applications.

  • • Carbon steel high-speed pulse MIG welding robot application

    PROMIG 360SYN DPulse + HSP

    HSP, is the High Speed Pulse, brings the perfect transition with multiple drops in one pulse.
    • The deposition rate can increase 25~48% for M.S. by comparing with MAG process;
    • High performance, less heat input, less spatter;
    • Faster transition, less rework, improve efficiency and save cost;
    • Higher welding strength on thick M.S materials;
    • Applications: General fabrication/ Boat, ship, yard building/ Structural steel fabrication.

    Get better welding seam

    Less heat input, less spatters, less rework.

    Get higher welding strength

    Deeper penetration, no undercut defects, higher strength.

    • Aluminum Alloy high-speed double pulse MIG welding robot application

    PROMIG 360SYN DPulse + HDP
  • HDP, is the High Speed Double Pulse, the high and low pulse phases of the double pulse work with the High Speed Pulse process.
    • The deposition rate is increased by up to 30%;
    • Excellent control of heating and cooling phases, low spatter, low distortion and a beautiful TIG-like welding appearance;
    • Suitable for medium to thick-walled welding, especially for Aluminum and Steel applications;
    • Applications: Stainless steel products/ Aluminum alloy processing/ Light-guage tube and sheet.

  • • Carbon steel high-speed heavy-duty MIG welding robot application

    PROMIG 500SYN DPulse + HSA

    HSA, is the High Spray Arc, The perfect combination of a highly concentrated and extremely stable arc with high density.
    • Faster welding speed, up to 30% faster welding speed than conventional MIG-MAG welding;
    • Smaller opening angles, 40° is entirely sufficient a weld prep to weld a proper seam;
    • Stable short arc length at altered stick-out, ideal for narrow gap welding;
    • Deeper penetration, guarantees reliable root and sidewall fusion, ideally suited for multi layer welding;
    • Applications: Root welding/ Narrow seam welding.

    • Carbon steel ultra low spatters MIG welding Robot application

    PROMIG 360SYN DPulse + ULS

    ULS, is a modified short-arc transfer arc, it controls the volatility during the change of state between short and arc to control the amount and size of the spatter generated.
    • Can minimize the spatters, less rework, fewer rejects, less cleaning required and savings on wearing parts;
    • Applications: Steel heet/ Root welding.

    · Welding current: 130A
    · Shield gas: MAG

    • Stainless steel double pulse MIG welding robot application

    PROMIG 360SYN DPulse + MDP
  • MDP, is the Micro Double Process, ultra-precise on the synergy Pulse wave-form controlled process-control.
    • Precise energy input, low distortion, perfect TIG-like welding appearance easily produced by anyone;
    • High efficiency, the welding productivity can up to twice as quick as the conventional TIG;
    • Particularly suitable for thin to medium-walled (1-8mm) Aluminum, Steel, and CrNi applications;
    • Applications: Frame welding/ Structural steel fabrication.

  • • Hybrid Pulse all position welding Robot application

    PROMIG 500SYN DPulse + HPC

    HPC, is the Hybrid Pulse Control process, is synergetic waveform controlled welding process control variants applied in MIG welding.
    •Delivers exceptional directional stability, deep penetration and free-spatters;
    •High productivity for all position welding, faster welding speed, vertical up welding without waving;
    •Higher welding strength, deep penetration, superior throut thickness and edge wetting;
    •Applications: Pipe solution/ Fuel tank.

    HPC Vertical-up Welding Process

    Fuel tank application

    • High Speed Spot welding Robot application

    PROMIG 500SYN DPulse + HSS

    HSS is the high speed spot welding, which is perfectly combining the welding process, arc physics, high dynamic power response and powerful motor control technology.
    • Faster travel speed, short in arc ignition time and arc ending time, a welding spool can be formed swiftly;
    • A spot welding cycle is quickly completed, cycle over and over, by adjusting the time gap with the robot to get the fish scale you wish, weld seam is clear and beautiful;
    • Suitable for thin (less than 2mm) pipes or frame/structure welding jobs, like the furnitures etc;
    • Applications: Frame welding/ Structural steel fabrication.

    Widely applied on the thin (≤2mm thickness) pipes or frame/structure welding jobs.

    Tack welding: by robot