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  • Phil

    New Zealand

    I am a very experienced engineer and welder in New Zealand. Before I got the Alumig-250P mig welder, I’m a little worry about the quality. After we have seen and tried your product, it surprised me that it’s really a good machine just like you said. The pictures is what i weld on last weekend.

  • Lars


    I have got the 250 amp Mastertig machine and tested a little bit , the machine works very well and i am satisfied with it. It works excellent ! a friend of me wanted to come and take a look maybe we order another one. Made in China now stands for quality too.

  • Brian


    We've had the chance to test the welder... It's is a very nice machine, to say the least! That said, can you give me contact info for your OEM department? We are interested in bulk price. Hope to build a good cooperation with your company. My email is *******@longevitywelding.com.

  • Emil


    Excellent machine and perfect after-sale service! No complaints whatevers! I think i will try your Plasma cutter also, maybe next month. Thanks!



    You machine really impressive! I bought two TIG welders on Alibaba.com. One is MASTERTIG-250AC and another is PROTIG-250DI, both works great, i weld bike’s structure part, very good welding performance!@MARINO’S BIKE